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A Virtual Family Gameshow & Trivia Party!

Updated: May 24

Lockdown fatigue is real. You can see it on the faces of parents running on three hours of sleep while trying to balance work and homeschooling. You can see it on the face of a social butterfly who has been cooped up and unable to have a night out with their friends. You can see it on the face of older adults who haven’t been able to see their kids or grandkids outside of a tablet screen for over a year.

We all have our go-to choices for escapism in lockdown, whether it’s binging Netflix or tending to a garden outside, but even those can be solitary experiences which fail to provide the social experiences we’ve been severely deprived of over the past year.

What is the solution? How about a fun night in with the family that provides the fun and social interaction you’ve been craving. It all happens on May 28, 2021 at 6:30 PM CST on zoom

A Virtual Family Gameshow & Trivia Party!

What does it offer?

1. A Live Interactive Gameshow

This isn’t just a series of static screens with trivia questions typed on them -- this is a live one-night-only event featuring a real host interacting with competing contestants and a variety of rounds such as “Guess The Used Item Price” and “Name That Tune.” We’ve all watched gameshows on TV and thought “I could do better than that contestant!” and here’s an opportunity to try.

2. A DJ Dance Party

Shake out any pre-show jitters by busting a move to songs spun by DJ Brenton, your

host for the evening. Brenton has years of experience as both a DJ and MC and knows how to create an atmosphere that will get the whole family up and dancing on the couch.

3. Entertainment For The Kids

Children’s entertainment group Heather’s Pretty Parties will be offering something cool for kids -- literally -- with an in-character appearance from the Snow Queen, their most popular character inspired by the frosty cartoon that all parents have seen dozens of times. She’ll perform sing-a-longs, share stories and host a crafting class which kids will be able to participate in from home.

4. Entertainment For The Adults

Brianna and Grant from the Winnipeg-based mobile bar service Nomad Box Bar will be sharing how to sling suds with a virtual family-friendly mocktail (or cocktail) class which will allow all watching a chance to learn how to shake and stir from a true mixologist.

5. Prizes!

No gameshow is complete without prizes and there will be more than just bragging rights on the line -- prize packs valued at $300, $100 and $50 will be going to the top three teams/households at the end of the night. It’s not often that you get a chance at making money by having fun.

Times are tough but it’s time to take a night off and celebrate the resilience we’ve all shown after an unprecedented year. We may not be able to see each other in person just quite yet but we can still form a meaningful connection with a Virtual Family Gameshow & Trivia Party. Get your tickets here

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