Step. 1 Know Your Trivia Party Games

Gue$$ the U$ed Price

Participants must correctly guess the “list” price of the used items shown in the picture.

Famous Faces

Players must correctly type in the first name of the famous person in the picture.

Missing Link

Guess the commonality between 3 listed items. Similar to the popular game Tribond

Word Scramble

Players must unscramble jumbled letters before the timer runs out.


(pop culture, photo, Disney etc)

Guess the movie


Players correctly identify the movie that the scene belongs to

Survey Says 


Participants choose the option they believe is the #1 survey answer.

Guess the logo

Players must correctly guess the name of the brand that the pictured logo belongs to.

Step. 2 Pick Your Package

Party Pkg #1

1. Trivia

2. Survey Says

3. Famous Faces

4. Word Scramble

5. Guess the Movie

6.Guess the logo

Party Pkg #2

1. Guess the logo

2. Survey Says

3. Guess the movie

4. Missing Link

5. Trivia

6. Gue$$ the U$ed Price

Party Pkg #3

1. Gue$$ the U$ed Price

2. Missing Link

3. Famous Faces

4. Word Scramble


6.Survey Says

Party Pkg #4

1. Guess the Movie

2. Guess the Logo

3. Missing Link

4. Gue$$ the U$ed Price

5. Famous Faces

6. Word Scramble

*Once a party package is booked it cannot be changed

Step.3 Select Your Trivia Party Size



Perfect for 10 individual players, teams or even 10 households.





Perfect for 20 individual players, teams or even 20 households.





Perfect for 30 individual players, teams or even 30 households.





If you have more than 31 individuals, teams or households you can qualify for special pricing.​



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