Virtual Holiday Parties

Worried the holiday party might get cancelled?

Are restrictions ruining staff events?

Want to know how we can help?

You need a virtual holiday party!

Fun, games & entertainment

Professional & engaging hosts 

Customized ideas just for your group

Where did these virtual parties come from?

We invented virtual holiday parties

Being unable to socially connect with your co-workers sucks. 

So, we created a virtual experience that connects everyone and ensures you have a fun staff get together.

Virtual Events Completed:

Our Clients

How do you become one of our clients?

Get started in 3 simple steps

1. Get a quote

2. Pick a date

3. Party Virtually

Participant need 2 devices (cell & computer/ tablet)

Why have a virtual holiday party?

Don't cancel the holiday party!

We know you want a holiday party that's fun & allows everyone to connect. The problem is, restrictions on social gatherings it makes it tough to connect with others and enjoy the festive season like you're used to. If you want to save the holiday then get a quote so you can build your budget, pick a date (daytime, evening or weekend) and come ready to party and have a fun virtual experience!

Get a virtual holiday party quote!

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Virtual Game List

Guess the used price

Famous Faces

Guess The Item

Disney Trivia

Movie / TV Trivia

20 Second Challenge

Beat the Clock 

How Old Are They Now

Four Letter Word

The Great Emoji Race

Famous Phrases (Similar to Wheel Of Fortune)

Just Like Family Feud

1 Word, 2 definitions

Guess The Animal 

Listen To The Movie Line

Guess The Item

Whats The Missing Link

Guess The Logo ( Brands, Teams etc)

Name That Car Model

Name That Tune

Guess The flower

Name The Group

Guess The Character

Famous Numbers

Reverse Name That Tune

Who's Slogan Is It Anyways (Brands/ Movies etc)

Spot The Difference

Emoji Name That Tune

Whats the Next Lyric

Who's Voice Is It Anyways

Word Scramble

Tricky Trivia (Riddles)


Movie & TV Theme songs

Guess The Sound

Guess The Landmark

Name The Flag

Guess The Count